Ella's Boutique Flat Iron Returns, Warranty, Liability, Technical Specs and Safety Instructions


The flat iron can be returned within 30 days, full a full refund, less the cost of shipping the item back to our facility, where it will be inspected to ensure it isn't damaged, and is in sale-able condition.



The flat iron warranty is valid one year from the date of purchase. The warranty extends to manufacturer's defects in either material or workmanship. We will require a photograph of the defective area, your order number, and a brief description of the problem. Please save your receipt as proof of purchase.  We will replace your flat iron within 7-10 business days after acknowledgement of the defect.

The warranty does not apply to irons showing abuse, damage, tampering, alterations, or repaired by an entity other than the manufacturer or an authorized agent.

The warranty doesn't cover normal use, wear and tear, chips, scratches, discoloring or fading after use.



This guarantee does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above.

Nothing in this guarantee excludes, restricts, or otherwise affects your statuary rights.


Technical Specifications:

Rated Voltage: 220v 50 Hz/110v 60Hz

Rated Power: 50W (600W)

Rated Temperature: 180 Degrees-200 Degrees


Safety Instructions:

1. The flat iron must be connected only to the current sock of voltage specified on the rating plate (either 110v/60 Hz or 220v/50Hz)

2. Do not use the flat iron if the it becomes defective, or if the cord becomes damaged. If the flat iron isn't working, check the plug and the power to ensure that it is turned on, and working correctly. Do not attempt to tamper with the plug. 

3. Never use the flat iron in water or with other liquids. Never use the device near a bath tub, shower, or a container that is full of water, or in a place that has excessive dampness. Do not use it when your hands are wet.

4. Do not place the flat iron on plastic or any material sensitive to heat when it is turned on, or was recently hot.

5. When the flat iron is turned on, the red LED indicator light will remain on until the ceramic plate reaches the set temperature.

6. Wait until the plate reaches the set temperature to begin styling. Always use the flat iron by holding it by the handle.

7. Please put dry hair between the two ceramic plates, and press the handles to close the iron and then slide it down towards the end of the hair, creating the desired style.

8. Once styling is finished, please unplug the flat iron and leave it to cool down completely. After it has cooled, it can then be stored.

9. Never pull the power cord to unplug the flat iron, always use the power plug.

10. Do not touch the flat iron ceramic plates when they are hot.

11. Take care not to burn yourself when styling.

12. Please always unplug the device when not in use.

13. Do not use the device for any other purpose other than it's intended use.

14. Before cleaning or performing any maintenance on the flat iron, please ensure that it is unplugged and cool.

No liability can be accepted for any damage caused by improper use with these instructions.